We are looking for highly motivated graduate/undergraduate students and postdocs to join our team to conduct cutting-edge research in bioinformatics.


We are currently seeking a highly motivated post-doc in computational biology/bioinformatics. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work on a precision-medicine related project where data integration methods will be developed to predict drug response.

Strong experience in R/Python to analyze multi-omics datasets is expected. Demonstration of research experience in bioinformatics via publications in top bioinformatics conference/journals is expected. The formal job ad will be released late Summer 2019, but interested candidates can contact Dr. Bozdag immediately.

Current Marquette students

If you are a current graduate or undergraduate student at Marquette and interested in joining our team, please check our recent publications and research interests. We are open to students from a wide variety of programs (e.g., computer science, bioinformatics, computational sciences, biomedical engineering, data science, etc.) Strong programming skills and motivation to learn new concepts are expected. Contact Dr. Bozdag for more information.

Prospective Ph.D. students

Please read about our research interests and check out our recent publications. If you are interested, please apply to PhD in Computer Science program and indicate your interest in joining our lab in your application.